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Lady Suite Glow Refiner
Lady Suite Glow Refiner

Lady Suite Glow Refiner

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A serious glow-boosting and exfoliating solution to help combat chronic ingrown hairs, razor bumps, blemishes, and rough texture for intimate skin that looks brighter, clearer and more even toned.

This new glow-giver is a natural solution for stubborn ingrowns and rough texture. Made for our most sensitive areas, it features naturally powerful exfoliating ingredients like willow bark, witch hazel and lactic acid, plus skin brightening niacinamide for a faster-fix without typical irritation from retinols, harsher acids or physical scrubs. 

•Ingrown Hairs and razor bumps
•Blemishes and large pores
•Post-inflammatory hyperpigmention (PIH)
•Rough Skin

TIP: Also helps prevent facial blemishes around mouth and chin from “mask-ne” and during hormonal breakouts.